Osteopath at Work


Healthcare Related Questions, Answered for You


How long will my consultation last ?

Your initial consultation with your osteopath will last up to one hour.  During this time the osteopath will take a full case history, perform some examinations and, in most cases, undertake treatment during this session. Subsequent appointments will last 30 minutes

What should I wear ?

You will be asked to undress the area in question in order for the osteopath to assess you.  In some cases this may mean undressing to your underwear so wear clothing that you feel comfortable with.  You may bring shorts or other items to change into should you feel more comfortable being examined in this way

What does the treatment entail ?

Osteopaths use a range of techniques in our treatment plans.  This can include soft tissue work which is like massage, joint articulations, cranial osteopathy and manipulations (the "pops and the clicks" that you may have heard about).  We assess each patient individually and choose the most suitable techniques to use. Babies are assessed using cranial osteopathy, a very gentle form of osteopathic treatment. 

Is treatment painful ?

Osteopaths endeavour to be gentle but effective in our treatment approach.  There may be some discomfort during treatment but the treatment itself shouldn't be painful. The osteopath will monitor how you feel during your session.  Afterwards you can expect to feel some stiffness and discomfort  for up to 36-48 hours.  This is a normal response to treatment.

Can I bring someone else with me to the treatment ?

Yes, by all means you are very welcome to bring a friend or relative with you. Children will need to be chaperoned by a parent or carer as per all medical examinations. Children under the age of 16 will need to be chaperoned.

How many treatments will I need ?

This depends on a number of factors which include the presenting complaint and the patient's health.  Each patient is different and will require differing amounts of treatment.  We aim to get you better in the fewest amount of sessions ! On average most patients are seen between 4-6 times. Patients in acute pain sometimes need just 1 or 2 sessions whilst patients with chronic conditions will require more treatment.  



Initial Consultation £50.00 (please note we are increasing initial consultations to £60.00 from 01/04/2022)

Follow up Consultation £45 (£48 from 1/4/2022)

(1 hour initial/30 mins subsequent appointments)

We accept cash, card and cheque payments.


Yes, David Turner & Vikki Markham are registered with the main insurers AXA/PPP, Pru Health, WPA, Simply Health, Vitality etc. and BUPA.  

Please discuss treatment with your insurer prior to beginning treatment as some insurers require a GP referral.

Please call us prior to booking at appointment to let us know you would like to use Private Health Insurance. You will need to provide an authorisation number from your insurer prior to starting treatment.